• Post time: Nov-12-2018

    How often does the timing belt change? As we all know, automobiles can run normally, to a large extent, is the credit of the engine, and the engine can work normally, but also inseparable from the coordinated operation of engine parts. Timing belt is a part of the engine valve system. Timing belt...अधिक वाचा »

  • Post time: Oct-25-2018

    Fans, pumps and generators are usually driven by 1 belts through the crankshaft. If the belt is too tight, it will worsen the wear of pump bearings and belt; if the belt is too loose, the belt will slip. Therefore, we should check and adjust the tightness of engine belt regularly.   When ch...अधिक वाचा »

  • Post time: Sep-03-2018

    The tensioning wheel is a belt tensioning device for an automobile transmission system, which is mainly composed of a fixed casing, a tensioning arm, a wheel body, a torsion spring, a rolling bearing and a spring bushing, and can be elasticized according to the belt. Automatically adjust the tens...अधिक वाचा »

  • Post time: Sep-03-2018

    In the 17th century, the United States began to use aerial ropeways to transport bulk materials; in the mid-19th century, various modern conveyor belt conveyors appeared one after another. In 1868, belt conveyors appeared in the United Kingdom; in 1887, screw conveyors appeared in the United Stat...अधिक वाचा »

  • Post time: Aug-01-2018

    In recent years, the growth of the car is higher than the market expectations, the amount of insurance has exceeded 200 million in advance for 2-3 years. It is predicted that 2019 will surpass the United States and become the largest country in the world. Restricted by various resources, China...अधिक वाचा »

  • पोस्ट केलेली वेळ: जून-12-2018

           1.Choose प्रकार प्रकार निवड त्रिकोण, त्रिकोण, असामान्य परिस्थितीत अन्यथा कप्पी चर निवडा करण्यासाठी रुपांतर पाहिजे. , त्रिकोण स्विच कृषी यंत्रसामग्री भाग खरेदी जुन्या सर्वोत्तम सह बाबतीत प्रकार equipme करीन चूक. 2.Right ...अधिक वाचा »

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