The history of a triangle

      1. The history of a triangle Charlie & bull in 1911; Gates clarity in the world’s first triangle, John & bull in 1917; Gates send clear the first in the world to cotton cord as a skeleton, with fabric reinforced rubber V belt, then make the gates company become the world’s largest triangle production companies。
  2. n 1996, the gates rubber company became TOMKINS PLC wholly owned subordinate company, make it become the world’s largest non-tire rubber parts production company.
  3.Until October 2010, the new polyester steel brown wire new skeleton materials was born in China, change the triangle history of hundred years ago, all the solid core layout of polyester steel brown wire as skeleton materials used in the triangle category, without changes to the rubber and cloth elements such as progress on the premise of the belt body full of 5 to 10 times, the traditional triangle instead of product.
  4. The first brand in the market are: day peng tape, three guinness/Sanlux, crown, gates, Japan LianNong, sharp, samsung, e. east, Germany, the OP, mountain brand (image is in the mountain brand product hexagonal belt).

Post time: Jun-12-2018
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